I’ve watched this video 13465638273 times already! It’s so funny although I’m throughly confused by the pastor (is that what he is called?). Tu joget apa tu?!

This is so hilarious that I actually thought of doing this after my nikah. But for sure I will be the only one doing this because of a few reasons:

1) Takkan Kadi nak ikut joget? Hahahaha.

2) The other half doesn’t like to embarrass himself this way.

3) According to the other half, “my family consists of well-mannered people.”

Ah, such a happy thought will remain as a thought, I suppose!


sing to me.

Ever since my cousin and his wife started Asnisa Crew Entertainment back in 2007, I knew right away that I will engage them when I get hitched one day. Now that planning has started, I immediately texted my cousin regarding the price quotation.

Me: Kak, busy?

Her: Hi dear! What’s up?

Me: Nak tanya sikit. Ni secret between us okay. Kalau I engage your crew for wedding entertainment, what’s the price quotation?

Her: For whom?

Me: Ermmmmmmm. Me? (Part gini dah berpeluh teramat sangat because nervous!)

Her: Normal rates is $700 for 6 hours service with DJ, karaoke and emcee. $650 for 6 hours service with DJ and emcee. For you…… I have to discuss with Abang sebab you lain hehe.

Me: ADA FAMILY DISCOUNT KE?!?!?! (Dah tukar jadi part tak tahu malu!)

Her: Of course la! Lol.

I am now on top of the world! Alhamdulillah, I got to save entertainment-wise. Mesti the other half gumbira lalalala. If you are looking for an entertainment company, with talents such as Dzar Ismail, Amy Kecik and Idafi Tumari, do check them out 🙂


One down, many more to go!