hocus pocus, abracadabra.

I am really glad to be surrounded by business-minded friends who put their creativity to good use. One of such friend is Diyanah, a fellow NIE mate! I was quite blown away by the card designs that she and her team at Hocus Pocus have been uploading on their Instagram and Ili had also recommended that I approach them to design my card for me. So…. Why not kan?

Can I say that the card that they had designed for me is so spot-on? They really adhered to my requests – something teal, lacey and has a super bike in it! Not only that, the customized map they had inserted in was really pretty! They were accommodating to my feedback and would make changes accordingly 🙂

Here are some of their awesome card designs!





Images taken from their Instagram 🙂

Amazing, right? Sometimes I really wish I was au fait in the use of Photoshop or Illustrator instead of only Paint!

Anyway, I have sent my cards for printing at Adam Hawa Kreatif (special thanks to Nazz for the heads-up!). They are very affordably-priced, but I will update more about their printing quality and service once I collect the cards end of this month, In Shaa Allah!



The past two days have been great – I was on MC for both days and it was heavenly! I got to watch my favourite shows on Food Network channel and even managed to catch up on some well-deserved sleep.

But that didn’t stop me from planning my wedding, heh.

So while I was on Facebook, checking out vendors (padahal all my main vendors dah settle tau, miang betul!), I came across pictures of the following wedding invites and I was blown away.

card 4

card 3

card 2

card 1

This was all born due to the creative juices of…… Hakim Rahim!


A bit of background information, Hakim was my kindergarten and primary school classmate! We went to different secondary schools but somehow always met during our higher malay classes at BPGHS and then subsequently went to different polytechnics but would somehow bump into each other at the interchange la, MRT station la, and even the neighbourhood pasar!

I have always been a huge fan of his work because they are so unique and out-of-the-box. For the record, he has always been a high flyer in primary school and we would always compete with each other for the top spot academically. This time, however, I am defeated hands down because I really love his wedding invites designs and I can’t even photoshop for nuts 😦

I might consider engaging his services for my wedding invites but subject to the other half (and most likely my Mum who loves the wedding cards at JB)’s approval. If you are looking for a wedding card vendor, do consider Cards By Hakim Rahim :p