two sundays left.

This past week, I’ve given enough pats on both my shoulders, due to the fact that I had checked so many things off the checklist. The school holidays was really a God-sent because that gave me ample time to settle whatever I haven’t had the time to settle during the school term. Let me list down what we had accomplished:

Pasting of berkat stickers



I dragged my two youngest sisters to K’s place to paste the stickers on the bare berkat boxes. We had placed our berkat boxes at his place before Hari Raya because they had more than enough space to house 5 gigantic boxes (and my OCD parents couldn’t stand to see the boxes stacked up in our living room, heh). This ‘sticky business’ went on for two Sundays. Remind me never to go through this process again because my neck and back ached nauzubillah.


My future SIL, who works at Cotton On, has always been the one buying loots from Cotton On and Typo for me. So when I realised that we had kinda overlooked the moneybox issue, I ‘activated’ her to buy these gorgeous babies for me.


50% staff discount, of which I approve. But if you realise, the crate needed some makeover to be done to ensure that none of the duit sumbang falls out through the slits. So my mum and I purchased flowery curtain cloth at Joo Chiat for $4.30 per metre. This was the end result….




Bedroom furniture at my ‘new place’

Just a bit of background information, I will be moving over to K’s place after the wedding as my future FIL has graciously given up the master bedroom for us. At my current house, my two youngest sisters are already planning which posters to paste on my bedroom walls so for him to move in here is a no-go, haha.

So for the past two months K and I have been surveying bedroom furnitures (mainly at Ikea because I love Ikea like crazy). Ever since his mum passed away, the master bedroom needed major sprucing up so since I am moving in, why not now? But dengan kuasa Allah, I was bloghopping and stumbled upon Amalina’s post on her sister selling their King-sized bed frame! It was still in mint condition and Amalina’s sister had set such an affordable price. Just like that, in the same night I had read her post, I have a new bed, guys!




Amalina had kindly sent me these photos, which I then sent to K who immediately gave the green light upon hearing that it’s king-sized. Nak jadi king la tu.

Yesterday Amalina’s BIL had the bed frame delivered to K’s house and I couldn’t thank him enough. He was thorough in explaining the bed assembly instructions to K and assured us that if K had any problems in assembling the bed, we can always give him a call and he’ll drop by. You see, such good Samaritans hard to find.

Buying of mattress, wardrobe and dressing table

Right after I had confirmed with Amalina regarding the bed, I immediately went to Forty Two to look for the perfect mattress! It was not long before I fell in love with a mattress from Empire Grandeur, which was 2.5 inches higher than the other mattresses featured on the online store. Purchasing the mattress was hassle-free and Forty Two provided free delivery with minimum purchase of $300.

After buying the mattress online, K also gave me the green light to purchase the wardrobes (we needed two wardrobes because the amount of clothes we both have are horrendous) and dressing table. I have been surveying Furniture Mart for quite some time now so there was no doubt that my wardrobes and dressing table would be from them. Once again, transaction was hassle-free and they only accept COD, which I dont mind at all. They had free delivery and the icing on the cake was the tv bench which came with the dressing table. Yay to great deals!

Bedsheets and quilt

Okay so now that our room already has a bed, mattress, wardrobes and dressing table, what else do I need?

Bedsheets la, of course.

My favourite online store to hunt for these is obviously Lazada and they are currently having this Xmas sale. I happy, you know. Purchased a bedsheet and a quilt for only $158 (which I find is really reasonably-priced since my mum bought her Queen-sized bedsheet and quilt for $180 at Metro) and they have free delivery as well. It should arrive the same time as the mattress and the rest of the furniture. Perfect.

We spent a total of $1586 buying the bed frame, mattress, bedsheets, quilt, wardrobes and dressing table + tv bench. We are elated because that was the budget we had set for beautifying our ‘new room’.

Just a disclaimer before I end my post, expenditure has always have and forever will be a sensitive issue and some people might judge a person’s character by the amount spent. I hope after reading this, you guys wont feel that we are a cheapo-couple because from the bottom of our hearts, we are not hahaha. We just want a cosy room to be called ours for the time being, while we save up for the renovation cost for our own home (which we have not bought but will do so in a few years time) in the future.

Oh by the way, I am not queen-control hor haha. I am the one settling the furniture decisions etc right now because I am at home enjoying my holidays while he is working without any holidays nyehehehe.


honey, bring me to the moon.


Disclaimer: A Santorini sounds like it could be a name of a chocolate. Or a name of a drink at a bar.

And this resulted in me sleeping at 2am. Well, we both know that Santorini for honeymoon is a no-go because it will need massive planning. So this might just be a holiday we can plan for during my 2015 or 2016 school holidays.

To make matters confusing (in a good way, of course), I fell in love with Maldives after reading Farhana’s update on her honeymoon! That is so mine and my fiance’s kind of holiday – relaxing, laid back and away from the hustle and bustle of any busyness. Apakah maksud ni semua, hahaha.

Then it suddenly dawned on me. What happened to our initial plan of a Bali honeymoon?


I can imagine myself just lazing over here, enjoying the breeze with the love of my life. Heh, miang.



If anyone has gone to Bali for their honeymoon, please do share how it is 🙂


of love and appreciation.


A few weeks back, I finally got engaged. It was such a simple affair – just his family and mine. Above all, I thank Allah SWT for having such wonderful parents who insisted that there need not be any gifts exchange, apart from the ring and the watch. But him being him, he had enlisted his cousin’s help in delivering a bouquet of roses and a love letter to me! Paiseh okay, but I love the fact that he had put so much thought into this since we don’t celebrate anniversaries so this is extra special.

I love you, K 🙂



The other half and I had such a nasty argument on Monday. I labeled it as nasty because we were sending each other messages along the lines of ‘We shouldn’t get married’ and ‘Let’s call off the wedding’.

We didn’t contact each other after that (although I did keep checking on his last seen timings on whatsapp to make sure he was still alive, and whether he changed his profile photo that had our picture on it – freaky jugak aku ni).

This morning, I had the sudden urge to wake up before the alarm went off:


He didn’t reply so I immediately called him and I had never been more glad to hear his voice! Apparently it was a chain collision at KJE toward PIE.

I cried like a baby after that. Tiba-tiba teringat pasal Cory Monteith (I am still upset over his death cos I am a huge MonChele fan) and I told myself, I cant bear to lose the other half! Then I remembered about the argument we had on Monday and I felt stupid thereafter.


We are okay now; I even lent him my iPad so that he can spend his time playing PVZ 2.

What have I learnt after this whole ordeal?

Never, never take anything for granted.



I’ve watched this video 13465638273 times already! It’s so funny although I’m throughly confused by the pastor (is that what he is called?). Tu joget apa tu?!

This is so hilarious that I actually thought of doing this after my nikah. But for sure I will be the only one doing this because of a few reasons:

1) Takkan Kadi nak ikut joget? Hahahaha.

2) The other half doesn’t like to embarrass himself this way.

3) According to the other half, “my family consists of well-mannered people.”

Ah, such a happy thought will remain as a thought, I suppose!


colour me pastel.

I was very inspired after reading Farhanah’s entry on colour schemes that I’ve desired to look see look see on which colour schemes would work well with my personality as well as the other half’s. I roughly know what kind of concept and feel I want for my wedding so it’s just a matter of the colour combination I’d have to think about. Partly because Abg Aidil told us to think through on the colours we want and which concept suits us best.

I remembered asking the other half which concept he wants for our wedding. Without hesitance, he told me he wants a prison concept, where guests will have to eat at long tables with their hands chained. Our family members will be equipped with batons to check the amount of duit salam given by the guests (or in this case, prisoners hahaha).

After he answered that, I knew that I would be in charge, decor wise. But it was hilarious just listening to him go on and on about ‘his choice of concept’ and I, being a visual learner, had to visualize the whole prison-themed wedding in my head. Back to my colour inspirations!

So far this colour combination takes the top spot for now:


Pastel pink, mint green & grey

So while my colour scheme is that, our families will be decked in:


Pastel blue and purple

I love pastel. I love the softness and simplicity of pastel colours. Of course these are only my vision. It still needs approval by Mother and the other half.

Initially I had also considered this colour combination:


But as time went by, I realized this combination doesn’t appeal to me anymore hahaha. I know it’s a bit too early to finalize the colour scheme for my wedding but hey, it doesn’t hurt to play around with colours while I still have 16 months left before meeting Comel Molek.

By the way, I used Combo Maker for the colour ‘swatches’ and FindTheData for the colours hex codes. I might come up with a mood board too, once I get approval 🙂


busy bee.

It’s been two weeks since I last let you guys in on my wedding planning! No, it’s not because my other half and I are planning to bring forward our wedding date (hehe, Another Accidental Bride!) but coincidentally, both of us were really busy with work! Fortunately, we managed to squeeze some time over the past two weekends meeting vendors and paying our deposits.

Raihan from OnceUponImages

When Raihan texted me their studio address, I immediately told the other half, “Wedding vendors suka kerja kat tempat pelik-pelik eh?” because the previous time I met Nora Zee, her office was at Chiku Road and it was the first time I ever heard of such a road, heh. OnceUponImages’s studio was situated at Ubi Industrial Park and I thank my lucky stars that the other half is so gifted in looking for weird, unknown places because yours truly can’t read maps for nuts.

Talking to Raihan proved that we had made the right choice in engaging their videography services. He was very interested in how we met each other and crafted a cheeky smile because he said he already had some ideas on how to storyboard our video. He made us feel really comfortable and I was expecting myself to do most of the talking because the other half is kind of reserved but lo and behold, he did most of the talking while I just sat and listened, haha.

We had chosen the Diluso package, which was frankly, sufficient for us.


And I’m sure most of you have seen their latest work – Arin & Eldila – The Proposal.

Arin & Eldila – The Proposal from OnceUponImages on Vimeo.

Sweet hor. Raihan let us watch this on his iPad. Just when I was about to comment how sweet Arin was to come up with such an idea, the other half interjected my silent thoughts by saying,

“Proposal also need video? Then bila kahwin video lagi?”

Aiyoooooooo. For memories sake, cannot meh?

Hafizah from Purple Plumtree

Meeting Kak Fizah at her home proved my above mentioned theory right – Vendors suka tinggal tempat pelik-pelik (pelik by my standards because I stay in the West hiakhiak). We met her at Punggol and had the opportunity to browse through her latest works. I could tell the other half was impressed because he kept telling me gambar dia snap semua cantik!

She explained to us on the various packages (which are affordable, by the way) and we decided to go with The Wedding Affair, priced at $1500.


Until 31 May, she is having an anniversary promotion!


Which means our package is actually below our initial budget! Alhamdulillah, rezeki!

Aidil from Comel Molek

We met Abg Aidil yesterday at his cousin’s place at Tampines. His cousin’s place was so cosy and fantastically furnished that I couldn’t help but ogle at the awesome home decor while talking to him. It didn’t help that I have shifty eyes also, chet.

We loved talking to Abg Aidil. He gave us a lot of tips in choosing our wedding vendors and to watch out for hidden costs because some vendors do practise that. I love the fact that he is transparent about his business and he is genuine in making couples happy with Comel Molek’s services.

By the way, did you know that his cousin (who is also his business partner, Abg Lan) owns SEVEN cats? I am in love with cats. If I weren’t a teacher, I would be cat woman volunteering my time with the cat welfare society. And I have 4 kitties at home so to hear that Abg Lan brings home stray cats to call his own, made me love them even more.

Then Abg Aidil told us how the name Comel Molek came about.

Comel Molek is the name of Abg Lan’s first two cats!

If there was a hidden camera somewhere, I swear you would see how my face instantly lit up and how I grinned from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat upon hearing that. I squeezed the the other half’s hand and said, “We made the right choice. It’s fate.”

Hahahaha. Merepek right.

We were ecstatic just listening to what Comel Molek has to offer and the other half dengan tak sabarnya told Abg Aidil that we wanted full ceiling deco with the centerpiece as well.

Groomzilla alert, yo!

So from now until September next year, we would have to think about what colour theme would work in our favour and which concept we want. I have a feeling I already have a confirmed concept in mind but we’ll see how it goes 🙂

Here are some of my personal favourites from Comel Meow Molek (oh how I love cats):






I love the drawers on the dais. Don’t ask why eh, I just love looking at them. Hahaha.

There you go. My update after two weeks. Eleventhoctober, this is all for youuuuu *starts singing Janet Jackson’s song*

Tomorrow I will update on my weight loss journey pulak, woohoo!


illegal immigrant.

Just now after tuition, I received a text from my Dad that he would be late so he told me to sit at the playground and play Candy Crush but since it’s malam Jumaat (takut seh nanti apa aje ada at playground), I decided it’s best to just wait for him at the usual spot. Kena berdiri pun tkpe la.

Usually the MPH near the usual spot would be used by a group of makciks doing kebayarobics but tonight was different:


That was as close as I could get because takut kalau snap gambar without permission (no one was there) nanti kena tangkap masuk lokap. On a brighter note, I loved the decor! It was so….. Me. I ended up standing near the MPH and just stared at the decor like an illegal immigrant. I started visualizing how I wanted my own decor to be like with the colour schemes of grey, white and cream, when suddenly….

“Hello!! Berangan kaper!”

My Dad burst my bubble. Chet.

Which brings me to another topic. My choice of pelamin.

A few days back I was lazing around with my Mum and Sissy and suddenly we had this tunang + kahwin talk out of the blue, with my sis pestering me to find macaron sellers on FB and my Mum asking me what I want her to sponsor for my wedding (woohoo, rezeki jangan ditolak!). I decided to show them the pelamin I was in love with.

In case anyone’s wondering, my wedding planning is no longer a secret from my parents and my FIL because the other half feels it’s better to include them jadi orang tua tak kecik hati. Come to think of it, this was a blessing in disguise because FIL will be sponsoring our venue. Sayang FIL!

Okay sidetrack better stop now.

After showing them my pelamin choice, both went, “Alah Kak! So simple!” I think I pengsan after that and hyperventilated and nangis while kencing dalam pampers because I really love love love that pelamin 😦

Actually kan, I will be the one sitting on the pelamin and footing the cost for decor! So it should be my choice hor?


my saturday.

Wanna hear a kelakar seram story?

This morning, I had to collect my health screening report from Far East Shopping Centre at freaking 9.30am. I wanted to ask the doctor why his clinic is only opened on Saturdays at such strict timing (8.30 – 11.00am) but I felt bad because the doctor really took time to explain regarding my medical results and also provided free consultation.

I had taken the comprehensive, pre-marital, cancer and ovarian health screening but these I will save for another entry. Back to the kelakar seram part.

So I squeezed in some me-time and had breakfast at ION’s CBTL and suddenly a light bulb lit up instantly. It was an hour to the other half’s lunch break so why not I surprise him with nasi padang and his favourite teh tarik since he always complains that he has to eat instant noodles during lunch (his workplace has no canteen, apadaaaaaahhh).

I chop chop bought his lunch, checked online for his workplace address and decided to cab there since it’s in the west and I am going back home mah.

You know, there were past instances where I would be unsure of the location of a place and taxi drivers would kindly help me look for the block number etc. This time, however, was different. When I reached the area, I was clueless where his workplace was although I had the address. Then the taxi driver asked if I knew where the place was. I told him I knew the address but I didn’t know where it is. Guess what he said?

“Huh? I am confused. You know or don’t know? First I brought you there then you tell me you don’t know where the place is? I think you better get down.”

Arsehole betul. So not wanting to cause a stir because I am at a foreign place and I takut kena kidnap and dibunuh and dicampak behind Joo Koon station, I decided to walk. I was happy when I saw Kian Teck Road but I still had no idea where the hell his workplace was! Nak tak nak, I surrendered and called him.

Me: “Hello sayang? Tempat kerja you kat mana?”
Him: “Huh? Untuk apa? You kat mana ni?”
Me: “Kian Teck Road. I belikan you lunch.”
Him: “I’m at Kian Teck Way! Where you are at now, is twenty minutes away from my workplace if you walk!”

Then I cried. Hahaha I know part gini mesti you all think I’m gembeng right. But the truth is, I was just upset that the taxi driver snapped at me for not knowing where exactly my destination was and that I had to alight at a fairly foreign place I had never been to. To add to that, sesat pulak tu!

Ten minutes later, the other half and his colleague came to pick me up. Lunch surprise became buat-malu-je-and-susahkan-orang-pulak-tu. I kept quiet in the car because one, it was my first time kena marah dengan taxi driver, two, my first time getting lost at such a weird industrial area and three, malu la cos he and his colleague had to fetch me while I was tearing hahaha.

I will be meeting him later to discuss about our wedding plans. Nanti when he asks me about the taxi driver, mesti I nangis lagi. For the record, I must explain to you that hati I memang lembut and mudah emotionally affected. When I found out my friend’s husband was cheating on her, I cried, padahal tak ada kena mengena pun. When I found out my student’s father had passed away in an accident, I cried too, padahal tak pernah jumpa dia pun. When my then-6 year old sister (now she’s 12) fell on the road and scraped her knees real bad, I cried too. There were so many instances where I would cry or tear when in actual fact, it has got nothing to do with me.

Hmmm. Okaylah, maybe I am gembeng. Lol.