hocus pocus, abracadabra.

I am really glad to be surrounded by business-minded friends who put their creativity to good use. One of such friend is Diyanah, a fellow NIE mate! I was quite blown away by the card designs that she and her team at Hocus Pocus have been uploading on their Instagram and Ili had also recommended that I approach them to design my card for me. So…. Why not kan?

Can I say that the card that they had designed for me is so spot-on? They really adhered to my requests – something teal, lacey and has a super bike in it! Not only that, the customized map they had inserted in was really pretty! They were accommodating to my feedback and would make changes accordingly 🙂

Here are some of their awesome card designs!





Images taken from their Instagram 🙂

Amazing, right? Sometimes I really wish I was au fait in the use of Photoshop or Illustrator instead of only Paint!

Anyway, I have sent my cards for printing at Adam Hawa Kreatif (special thanks to Nazz for the heads-up!). They are very affordably-priced, but I will update more about their printing quality and service once I collect the cards end of this month, In Shaa Allah!


what’s cooking?

Some of my family and friends thought that I went on a crash diet and avoid food just to lose weight. Ya Rabbi, don’t they know that I love food tooooo much to even avoid them?

So I finally came up with a solution. I will snap pictures of the food I eat and shove show it to them if they ever assumed that I am losing weight the wrong way.

This was my dinner for today:


I marinated cod fillet in Nandos’s hot chilli sauce plus a sprinkle of salt and grilled them using Happycall pan. Steamed egg tofu and french beans as sides. Food is not complete without….


My mother’s sambal kicap, yummy.

Meal was definitely filling, although this mouth is itching for some good, seedless green grapes. Nanti pergi Sheng Siong beli ah.

Since I’m at the topic of healthy eating, I wanna share this app that I find very useful in my weight loss journey:


All Recipes Video Cookbook is a perfect tool for visual learners like me who can never get recipes right just by reading the ingredients and instructions. This app allows me to search for recipes with such ease, that I’ve ditched my Ellen marathon on Youtube and watch this every night before going to bed. Sorry seh Ellen.

They show you step-by-step on preparing the recipes and also provide suggestions to improve it along the way. my personal favourite is the stuffed mushrooms because I love mushrooms so much, I would marry it if it was a guy (then must change url to bridecendawan).


And one plus point which I really love – they actually show the calories for each recipe, yippee!


Awesome tak? But the only downside is that this app is only downloadable via iTunes 😦

7 more kg to go! Now I know what “So near, yet so far” means.


mane and tail.

A short one!


If anyone’s wondering where you can buy Mane and Tail shampoo for hair growth, go to Guardian! They are currently having a promotion where you can buy two for $25.80 🙂

Right now they also have the herbal gro type that smells oh so good! So much better-smelling as compared to the previous one (blogged here). I feel that my hair ‘reacts’ better with this so I’m using this now, yay!


rockpixs rocks.

Assalammualaikum, BTBs! Am I going to get flak for not updating as regularly as before? I truly apologise for my long absence, although I had previously pointed out that I won’t abandon my blog anymore. After my last blog entry in July, I was so swamped with various commitments and I had no choice but to have a short hiatus from the BTB world.

In Shaa Allah, now I will be back for a while because I have settled most of the work needed by the school (for now) and am thoroughly pleased to share with you about a particular vendor that I had come across while scouring for photobooth services for the upcoming Teachers’ Day Dinner!

Presenting…. Rockpixs Studio-X!

Let me show you some of their work:

rock 1

rock 2

rock 3

rock 4

rock 5

rock 6

On top of the stunning pictures, I was (and still am) very impressed with how prompt their replies were! I contacted Alaina this morning to enquire if Rockpixs was still available during our Teachers’ Day Dinner come September and she replied with such an upbeat disposition, I was sold. There is nothing more I would want than to work with people with good customer service!

Their package includes:

– Customise layout and selection – May include own theme/logo

– Unlimited shoots and prints with 4R Epson glossy paper

– Fun and creative props provided for use at the event

– Two on-site personnel to assist the guests

– Envelopes provided

– CD-R with all the photos taken during the event will be given

– Photos will also be uploaded on Facebook to allow easy viewing and downloads

In addition, their services are reasonably-priced as well. We are allowed to choose the number of poses and the wordings we would like for each layout, by the way. Yay!

If anyone is interested in their quotation, feel free to ask me 🙂



KK shampoo

Farhanah, now you jual shampoo? Hehehehe.

But all thanks to her review on the Avalon thickening shampoo, I actually went to Watsons to check out the Avalon shampoo range. I couldn’t find the thickening shampoo she recommended but found an alternative instead:


Avalon Rosemary Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner.

My hair loss boleh tahan jugak tau! Every time I comb my hair, strands of hair will fall off too. It was so bad that one day I got kind of depressed and told the other half that maybe I am suffering from an illness.

But after using this, not bad seh! Not only has my hair been volumized (haha!), it smells good, and feels really soft and silky. Before I used this shampoo, I read reviews online that the shampoo was overrated and it doesn’t do good to your hair so bo pian la, dah beli mah? So I used it anyway and boy, was I pleasantly pleased with the results!

There is hope for my hair!

This reminded me of the thickening shampoo I used five years ago. My ex-colleague and I used to rant about how our hair would take very long to grow to our desired length so in an effort to have long, beauitful, wavy hair ala-ala Fergie, we researched online and discovered this shampoo:


But this Mane and Tail shampoo can be used for both horses and humans! We were initially apprehensive about the effectiveness of this shampoo (kepala kita sama dgn bontot kuda ke?) but cincailah, we bought it anyway because Jennifer Aniston used this very same one to make her hair grow at a faster rate.

I remembered using it for a few months – rambut tak panjang, makin lebat lagi ada! And it smelled weird too. So I stopped using it and decided to let my hair grow long naturally.

Maybe, if fate allows it (hahaha), I would wanna try this shampoo one more time! Bau kuda pun tkpe la. Janji rambut lebat hor?



So at 8pm just now, I had my waxing appointment at Fabulous Tan, located at Cineleisure. The other half was kind enough to send me there after Maghrib and made his way back to Al-Falah for Isya’ prayers. Initially when the receptionist told him that he would have to wait for an hour, I was scared that he would give me the killer stare because I had told him I would take only 45 mins (hahahaha liar penipu pembedek) but he gave the sweetest smile ever and said…

“It’s okay, I can wait for my baby.”

Nak pengsan please.


Fabulous Tan is on the fifth level while Eighteen Chefs is on the forth. Selepas wax apa lagi? Celebrate success and jemput makan! But I didn’t eat there just now because it was 9 by the time I ended.

Anyway, if you are planning to have your wax session there soon, do request for Joanne because she was really quick and she did it painlessly (or maybe it’s just me with high threshold for pain)! Plus, she’s quite funny too. Prior to this visit, I had purchased the 6-sessions brazilian package priced at $228 so each session would only cost $38, as compared to their regular price of $56.

For first timers who would like to try waxing or other services offered at Fabulous Tan, they do have discount smses that would be sent to your mobile phone and all you need to do is show the SMS to enjoy the offer.


I might consider going for their teeth whitening treatment before the wedding also. Hopefully it’ll still be $488 mid next year! At this very moment, I can imagine my Mum saying….




A week ago, my colleague asked if I was interested to join her for a spa session at Wayan Retreat because there was a 1-for-1 promotion going on. Being a spa addict (haha!) I immediately agreed because I haven’t tried any treatments from there. So yesterday, we went and upon entering the place, I was blown away.

The place was gorgeous!



Images from Google because I was too excited and forgot to snap pictures, bleargh.

My colleague and I both had the Ratu Jongras which consists of 45 mins body scrub & scalp treatment and 45 mins of full body massage. The satisfaction I felt was beyond words! The masseuse, Kak Nazi, was very professional and friendly – I wished the massage didn’t have to end, heh. Wishful thinking, hor?

Apart from massage and facial, they also offer mani & pedi and waxing services as well! All under one roof, super convenient kan? So gatal me enquired if they were able to do underarm waxing for me and they were able to! I is happy camper because the waxing lasted for only 10 minutes, yay.

I purchased this too:


Whitening plus anti-perspiration roll-on for $20. It’s halal too 🙂

They also have the pre-wedding package which I am thinking of signing up in December, InsyAllah!

While waiting for my colleague’s husband to fetch us, I expressed my desire to start a proper facial regime. My colleague was concerned because all these while, I was only capable in washing my face with a facial foam – and that’s about it. So she brought me to Kiehl’s because she highly recommends the products from there.

The sales lady that attended to me suggested that I take the basic ones first:


From left to right and in order of application:

1) Exfoliator (mornings)
2) Facial cleanser (nights)
3) Toner
4) Serum
5) Moisturiser
6) Sunblock lotion

Today was my first application and I must say, I really like it! The sales lady had also kindly gave me so many samples to try!


Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, masks – I gave to my mum most of the samples and kept these two for myself.


I cant wait to try their whitening products next! Furthermore, Kiehl’s has recently made some revisions to their prices so that their products will be more affordable to the masses. It’s definitely a sign that I’d have to start looking after my face, body and hair so can give the other half a good kind of shock on our erm… First night together haha.

I also might wanna check out the Avalon thickening shampoo that Kahwin Kronicles recommended in her entry. My hair needs some major repair, pronto! on a brighter note, brazilian and half-leg waxing in the evening later at Fabulous Tan! Will update more on that soon 🙂